July 18, 2013

To Wear Shorts Or Not To Wear Shorts? That Is The Question.

Shorts have never been my favorite fashion statement. I just can't help but feeling a little bit boyish in them. Not that "borrowing from the boys" isn't fashionable. Everyone knows I love mixing masculine with feminine, however that style tends to work better for me in the fall. I love wearing vests and tailored shirts and mixing them with more feminine accessories. But there is just something about shorts that I feel just doesn't work with "Laura's Style." Now, that doesn't mean that they couldn't work for your style. As I browse through Pinterest, I see a ton of ways that girls are wearing shorts and they look so fabulous! They are even wearing shorts with their Louboutin's and they look great! Okay, so it could have something to do that these girls are under 25 years old I suppose

I wore my shorts on a really hot night to a casual dinner and a movie with a great friend. While she rocked a maxi dress, (she looked great!) I tried to rock the shorts. I think it looked okay, but they didn't make me feel fabulous. I think I will save my shorts for my days off instead of trying to make them a fashion statement. What do you think of shorts?

What I wore:

~Gap denim halter
~TALBOTS khaki 7 inch shorts
~TALBOTS flower necklace
~Clarks wedge sandals
~vintage cameo ring from my husbands late Grand Mère

"The statements and views expressed in this posting are my own and do not reflect those of my employer."
~Laura Lynn Michaud

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