August 31, 2013

12 Pieces I Think I Need For Fall

Today may be the last day of August, but summer is not officially over until September 21st. It's a bitter sweet time of year. We are happy about a lot of things. The kids go back to school, pumpkin spice coffee is being brewed at Dunkin' Donuts, and we get to enjoy warm days and cools nights outside by the fire pit. Life is good! This is also the time of year that you begin thinking about your wardrobe choices. If you are a fashionista, you've got your wardrobe for fall all planned out, purchased and ready to wear. I used to be like this. But now I am a little more "chill" as my son would say. I have plenty to wear to get me through the entire season, so I really don't need anything. But I have managed to make out a list of pieces that would be nice to have. My goal is to narrow it down to ten pieces. So far I have it down to twelve.

And here they are:

1.} A pretty dress is a must. This little peplum number from TALBOTS will get me through the holidays as well as the many events I will be attending during the course of the season. A MUST for sure.

Clockwise from top left:
2.} Ralph Lauren wrinkle free blouse
3.} A pair of chino's from Land's End
4.} J.Crew monogrammed baseball cap
5.} A pair of comfortable and practical leopard print pumps like these by Fitzwell
6.} A navy blue school boy blazer like this one by J.Crew
7.} A softly faded denim blouse. The one pictured is by J.Crew

Clockwise from top left:
8.} A cream cable sweater like this one from TALBOTS
9.} A pair of cozy, warm and practical winter boots like these ones by Earth Peak
10.} A winter coat that keeps my from feeling the cold like this down coat from L.L. Bean

11.} A monogrammed tote from L.L. Bean
12.} A cool menswear oxford like this one by J.Crew

*note: I already listed the J.Crew denim blouse as my number seven must have for fall. I just wanted to show you another great example of a soft denim blouse from TALBOTS pictured above. 

It's important to know that these must haves will not and should not be purchased all at once. Be kind to your budget and purchase your must haves one at a time after you have saved up for them.

So far I am proud of my list. I feel that the items are very timeless, fashionable, and practical. 

So, what must YOU have for fall?