August 12, 2013

I Call It Pre-Fall

 This is the time of year that I feel torn when I get dressed. I LOVE summer so much, but I am so excited to see the new fall fashions arriving in stores. I just couldn't wait to wear my textured scoop-neck sweater layered over my classic denim shirt from TALBOTS. This is such a classic look. But you know me. I can't just let classic be classic. I need a little bling in the mix. Hence the bead and flower rhinestone necklace I am wearing, also from TALBOTS. This necklace happens to be my obsession of the moment and I am wearing it with just about everything I own. As a matter of fact,  I am bringing it with me on my three day mini vaca this week. Along with my classic strand of pearls of course. 
Oh and I mustn't forget to mention the cute rain boots I found at, believe it or not, Walmart of all places. If you know me then you know that Wally World is not one of my favorite places on the planet. I just happened to run across these cute boots when doing the early morning Sunday grocery run with my husband a few weeks ago. They look a little "Kate Spade" to me. And I have always wanted a pair of Kate Spade rain boots. These will do just fine :) 
P.S. I did change into my penny loafers once I arrived at work. It was poring rain here in Maine last Friday!

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