August 3, 2013

Moody Shoes

{Me at age six. Just dancing around in full costume as usual.}

Even though I have not taken a ballet class for many years, I still call myself a dancer. Don't ask me why. I believe that it's just in my blood. I was strong enough to be able to wear my first point shoes at age eleven, and that is where my tolerance for an immense amount of pain began. It has not been until now, at age thirty-nine, that I have decided that my endurance for discomfort must come to an end. 

I stopped wearing my point shoes at age seventeen, when "the boys" started to take over my brain. But I still continued to live through the agony of ill fitting shoes. This time it wasn't for dancing. It was for fashion. Please don't get me wrong. There is nothing erroneous about feeling a little uncomfortable in order to look amazing. Those four inch heels make my legs look so long! But after twenty-one years of working forty or more hours a week while attempting to tolerate my miserable hurting feet, I am finally calling it quits. If this hasn't happened to you yet, it eventually will. We are only human and we can only take so much pain. Will I ever put on a heel again? Yes, probably. Will I always carry an extra pair of comfortable shoes with me?
Yes, most definitely.

One thing I that have learned in life is that when your feet are happy, you are happy. You tend to smile more, therefore you are able to help other people feel happy too! 
Summer Allen, owner of Valentine Footwear in downtown Bangor, Maine has helped me grasp this undeniable fact.

{Summer Allen, owner of Valentine Footwear in Downtown Bangor, Maine.}

Summer believes that versatility is the most important feature to look for when shoe shopping, and I just so happen to agree with her. Yes, there are those fun heels that you may occasionally wear to a party, but let's be real ladies. That four inch heel isn't going to be comfortable all day. It's probably not going to be comfortable even for one minute! And why spend a ton of money on one pair of shoes that only go with one outfit? Purchase something that will look good with many different outfits. Something that will feel good on your feet no matter where you are going. Summer and I also agree that being fashionable doesn't necessarily mean that you must wear what is on trend at this very moment. Being fashionable is really about showing the world who you are through your own personal style.

Summer offers many footwear varieties at Valentine. There are styles for the lady who may be a little more trendy as well as offerings that have a more conservative quality. Either way, you will be sure to find something to suit your attitude. Some of the brands that she has on display at the moment are Birkenstock, Born, Frye, Kamik, Naot and Wolky, just to name a few. Summer also carries an array of necessary accessories at Valentine including some of my favorite nail polish shades by Butter London, earring designs by Local Girl Leather and scarves by FX Dressed.

What are my personal favorites you ask? Well I did manage to purchase the cutest brown leather oxfords with turquoise leather ric rac trim by Miz Mooz.
{see photo below}
They have a comfortable footbed and a practical two inch heel which for me, is totally manageable.

And now have my eye on a pair of Frye motorcycle boots for fall. Summer also showed me a short cowboy boot by Born that I have been dreaming about as well. Which one will be the winner? I can't possibly have both! Or can I? 

Valentine Footwear is located on 115 Main Street in historic downtown Bangor, Maine. Fall styles start arriving August 1st!

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