August 23, 2013

Shopping Second Hand Is My Specialty

Recently, my family and I made a trip to Manchester, NH to visit relatives. My sister-in-law was kind enough to take me on a tour of the city. Before we went on our tour I Googled "consignment boutiques in Manchester." CC's Consignment Boutique was the first one to pop up. I mentioned to Judy that I wouldn't mind seeking this one out. We found CC's Consignment Boutique at 389 Chestnut Street. The window displays were really cute. We went inside and the first thing I noticed were the pretty little chandeliers hanging from the ceiling. I am always a sucker for pretty chandeliers. Since it was set up so nicely, I was enticed to look around. There wasn't too much merchandise, so it didn't look junky. I could see that they were very picky about what they chose to sell. Some vintage clothing and jewels were included in the displays. A Dior suit hung from one of the fixtures. Everything was so unique. I almost felt like I was in a full price retail boutique.
Then I spotted it. The maxi dress I had been hunting for for a couple of years! This one was a cool cotton and a pretty peach color. Perfect for summer since that is really the only season that I would be wearing a maxi dress. I checked the label. It was J.Crew. No wonder why I fell in love with it at first sight. I have a little thing going on for J.Crew at the moment if you must know. I tried the dress on and it happened to fit perfectly.
 The price of the dress fit my budget perfectly too. $15 is all I paid for this fabulous find. This J.Crew maxi dress was probably close to $80 brand new. Whoever gave up this dress, I thank you. It will fit into my wardrobe quite nicely for a few years until I too get tired of it and move it along to it's next lucky owner. Could it be you?
I also love the way the sales lady packaged my dress. She wrapped it with tissue and fastened it with a sticker. This special touch really made me feel great about my purchase. They don't even do this at most full price retailers!
What I wore:

~J.Crew maxi dress
~Talbots necklace
~White Mountain eyelet espadrilles
~vintage cameo ring