September 16, 2013

How Did YOU Celebrate Fashion Week?

{My models and I celebrating our Tribute to Fashion Week. From left to right: Cindy, Suz, Laura (that's me), Lise, Marion, Anne, Jodi and Elizabeth}

Fashion week is still going strong in London as we speak. Then we move on to Milan and then Paris. Fashion week in NYC was September 5th-September 12th. How did YOU celebrate? 
It's sometimes difficult to get people to understand how passionate about fashion I am. But every year I manager to bring a group of ladies together who totally back me up and understand my crazy love for this world of glamour. I eventually hope to get some men involved! 

We even managed to give our already adorable Elizabeth a whole new look for our special evening! Dejavu, a local salon, did her fabulous hair and make-up and TALBOTS provided the attire. Elizabeth was amazing and I can't even tell you how happy I was to have this opportunity to make her feel like a Disney Princess!

I just had to post this gorgeous photo of my friend and colleague Amy. This super cute bunny sweater is available at TALBOTS and I feel that Amy wore this sweater perfectly. 

{From left to right: Sarah, Susan, Laura (that's me), Melissa, Patty}
This is the dream team. The team that backs up all of my crazy ideas to celebrate fashion. I couldn't ask for a better group of women to have in my life.