September 25, 2013

Scarf Rings Are Fantastic

You may think that scarf rings are old school, but I think that they are so old school that they are hip. Everyone is wearing infinity scarves these days, and as we all know, if your scarf isn't designed as an infinity scarf then you can easily make it into one. And there is nothing wrong with that look! I love infinity scarves and I actually wear them frequently. But I just recently came across this scarf ring in my jewelry box that I purchased from TALBOTS a few years back and decided to bring it on out. The result: a retro twist on how to wear a scarf. In fact it's so retro that it's modern! 
A scarf ring may be a rare find these days. You may be able to come across one at a yard sale, an estate sale or maybe even a resale shop. I would even check ebay. You never know what you may come across!
Would you wear a scarf ring?