September 30, 2013

What Goes Into Planning My Looks?

Normally I don't have a heck of a lot of time to plan what I am going to wear. In fact I have to say that lots of the time I am figuring it out at the last minute. Sometimes I can't even fathom getting dressed before I take my shower. I always feel so much more fashionable after I get the hair and make-up done, so it's then that I really feel up to choosing what I am going to wear. However, I am going to change that. I am going to plan what I am going to wear at the same time I am making my to do list for the week. The two subjects really go hand in hand. I need to wear clothing that suits my workload for each day. Believe it or not, working in fashion can get very physical and if I am wearing a pencil skirt and high heels on the days when I am merchandising, then by the end of the day I feel like cutting my feet off because if I don't, they are gonna fall off anyway! This week is going to be one of those crazy weeks where I am running around, processing freight, lifting heavy fixtures and dressing mannequins. I know I need to be comfortable. At least for the beginning of the week. The physical work load will slow down by mid week. So I planned my looks for Monday through Wednesday. That includes ironing them and accessorizing. 
I have Thursday off so I will plan more looks on that day along with planning my to do list for the latter half of the week.
When do you plan your looks? Do you think you could look better if you planned more efficiently and effectively for your upcoming work week?