October 21, 2013

Cool Finds For $1.00!

There's nothing like purchasing something cool for less whether it's something that you will wear, something pretty for the home, or even simply something to write on and write with! I am proud of my pretty wall decals that I purchased. (above photo) They were mostly all individual stickers that easily adhere to anything and are also easy to remove. (They are so cute! Why would you want to remove?!) I arranged them on the wall that my bookshelf is on so it almost looks like I have dandelions growing on my shelf. Pretty cool! 
I am also proud of my little notepads and metallic gel pens that I purchased. (above photo) I am always writing little notes here and there so I always keep a pad in my purse and the metallic gel pens are gonna be great when signing Christmas cards and thank you notes this holiday season. 

Wall decals: $1.00
Note pads: four for $1.00
Metallic gel pens: two for $1.00

Total cost: $3.00 plus tax at my local Family Dollar store.
Gotta love that!