October 1, 2013

Laura's Body Type Tip ~ Bigger On Top

Bigger On The Bottom

When you carry your weight up top you may think that getting dressed is a dread. I say nonsense! You just need to know how to keep "the girls" in their place! 

Here are some tips for dressing the "Bigger On Top" body type:

1) Three button jackets are great to keep "the girls" locked and loaded. This type of jacket will give you the appearance of a smaller chest. Just make sure that the jacket actually buttons to give you your most flattering look. If the arms seem too big in order to get the jacket big enough to button, have the sleeves and the shoulders of the jacket tailored.

2) Straight leg pants are your friend, and bootcut pants are slightly better to balance out your look. Avoid slim or skinny leg pants. They will only make you look even more top heavy if you emphasize a narrow hip.

3) Wear darker colors up top and lighter colors on bottom to trick they eye.

4) Look for dresses that have an empire waist style and seaming that hits just under the bust. The dress shown is great for someone who is busty because it also flatters the waistline and gives you that hourglass shape.

5) Wear prints, but wear them on the bottom half. And make sure your print works with your stature.

6) If you are going to wear jeans, try them in a lighter wash and wear a darker shade up top.

7) A kitten heel with a pointy toe always elongates the leg.