October 8, 2013

Laura's Body Type Tip ~ A Little Extra In The Middle

Laura's Body Type Tip ~ A Little Extra In the Middle

When you tend to carry a little extra weight in the middle there is always the tendency to want to cover that by wearing oversized tops. This will only make you appear larger. Trust me! Here are a few tips for those that have a little extra in their mid section:

1) Jackets hide a multitude of sins. If you carry extra weight in the middle you will want a jacket that will hit just above your high hip for your best look. Make sure the jacket is cut with a slight hourglass curve in the middle to give you some shape. A slightly boxy style can work for you as well. The key word here is slight.

2) A trouser style jean is best for you. Think straight cut from the hip down. Keep them slightly wide. Never skinny or too slim. You may want to iron a crease in your trousers/trouser jeans. The crease will give you the appearance of a little extra height if you are petite with a little extra in the middle. But make sure you only crease your TROUSER styles. Straight pant styles will look a little nerdy when they are creased.

3) High waist seaming in a dress  is a great way to camouflage a little extra weight in the middle.

4) Blouses are a great look for you, but make sure they don't pull through the bust. You may have to get the shoulders and arms tailored to fit in order to get the blouse to button. That is okay! Make friends with your tailor.

5) For cocktail, try a dress that is cut straight with spaghetti straps to show off strong shoulders.