October 30, 2013

Mixing & Matching At The Expo

Last Sunday the Paradis & Foster Wedding Expo Plus took place at The Cross Center in Bangor, Maine. I managed to get twelve lovely ladies together to show off some great mix and match looks from TALBOTS! It was a great little fashion show showing how you can wear one item two different ways. Lots of ladies tend to purchase dressy items for specific events in their lives and then they never wear them again. These pieces just hang in their closet for the next ten years, and before they know it, they grow out of it or their taste changes, etc. What a waste of money! I say, bring those pieces out and wear them in your everyday life! 

Here are some examples:

A faux fur vest can be easily dressed up with trousers or a skirt for evening, but also looks fabulous worn with a pair of your favorite jeans.

A jewel studded collar shirt looks amazing worn to work with a blazer, or to a cocktail party with a little black lacy skirt. It also looks fantastic worn under your favorite cozy sweaters with a pair of corduroys.

A beaded sweater looks amazing worn with a pair of dressy trousers or a skirt, but can look really cool and casual with a pair of jeans or a denim skirt, tights and riding boots.

Don't think that blouses can only be worn if you are going to dress up. Blouses add a great amount of casual coolness to any laid back look. Blouses always look good layered under sweaters or jackets and are probably one the most versatile pieces of clothing in your wardrobe.

Some ladies think that animal prints are too glamorous to be worn every day. I say wear it to a special event dressed up with a black pencil skirt for a "wow factor." But also wear it with a pair of cozy cords and layer on a solid scarf for a cozy casual feel.

Printed cardigans like this one are so very versatile. You can glam it up or down. You can wear it to the office. There is so much you can do with a pretty printed cardigan!

The moral to this story is that you should be able to purchase clothing for special occasions and not feel like you are never going to wear them again. You can make certain pieces look as dressy as you want or as casual as you want depending on how you wear them and most importantly what accessories you pair them with. Please e mail me at laurasstyle@hotmail.com with any mix and match questions you may have, or post your question here on my blog!

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