October 18, 2013

Today Is..... "What Did You Buy?" .....Friday!!

Believe it or not, after doing a day of research, these riding boots by Nine West Vintage Collection are the winners! My day of research consisted of trying just about every single synthetic boot on in the Bangor, Maine Mall. Why synthetic you ask? Well, because I don't really have the cash to spend on a real leather boot at this very moment. Or so I thought. I ended up with these, which are in fact real leather and ON SALE at Macy's. I decided that these were the ones after trying on a ton of cool riding type boots because they actually will work with my skirts as well as over my slim leg jeans as I am wearing them here. They seem to be sleek and not bulky which is what I found most riding boots to be. Some riding boots seemed to even make noise when I walked! (It was the buckle rattling. Very annoying) Do you have a pair of riding boots for fall? If so, what kind did you choose?

What I wore:

~ J.Crew navy boyfriend blazer 

~ American Eagle plaid blouse

~ TALBOTS signature fit slim ankle jeans, owl pendant and statement necklace

~ leather cuff bracelet from T.J. Maxx

~ Alex and Ani bronze feather bracelet

~ glass ring from Mexicali Blues