November 11, 2013

Laura's Lovely Look ~ In Honor Of Our Heroes

 Today is Veterans Day November 11th, 2013. I feel truly blessed to have been born in the glorious USA. Many have died and sacrificed so much so that we (Americans) can be safe in our tiny worlds that we live in. Our lives can get so busy and we can get so self centered and greedy. We must take a moment each day and pray, meditate, whatever works for you. And in our prayers must be thoughts that keep others and ourselves strong. We must pray to be kind and generous. And we must pray for our self-centered thoughts to end. We are all here to help each other and to be kind. Our Veterans have made it possible for those thoughts and prayers to become real. We have the ability to do anything we put our minds to here in the USA because the Veterans have made it possible. I greatly appreciate those who have protected my friends, my family and I throughout our lives. And those who have a dream of serving this country, you are an extremely special species.

It's really all we've got.

 And I must mention that seventeen years ago on November 11th, my son, Devin Michael Michaud, was born in this glorious country named The United States of America.  
{My family}

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