November 6, 2013

Six Things You Can Do To Look Expensive

We all wish that we could afford the designer clothes that American socialite Olivia Palermo wears, but the sad reality of it is that well, we can't. (Please excuse me while I go sob in my pillow for five minutes. Don't worry, I'll be fine!) Since owning the actual expensive version of all the looks that you are drooling over in fashion magazines is out of the question, I am going to tell you six things that you can do to look expensive instead. Ready?

1.) Keep your look simple and don't over accessorize. It's been drilled into our heads that if you skip your accessories then you might as well not get dressed. I believe that is true to a certain extent. However, if you are going to layer your bracelets then don't layer your necklaces. Instead wear one necklace or none at all. If you are wearing statement earrings then skip the necklace all together. Maybe a nice cocktail ring will do. If you think you have over accessorized, then you probably have. Take one piece off before you leave the house and you will feel so much better about your look

2.) Keep your hairstyle simple. Long and straight, pulled back in a chic chignon or a simple ponytail always works. Whatever you do, just keep it simple and no fuss. Now, it may take you a little while to achieve this seemingly effortless look. For me it requires the right products and a flat iron. The idea is to look like you woke up that way, but only you know the truth.

3.) Your make up should be perfect and minimal. Think J.Crew models. Grab a catalog or visit their website for some ideas on the perfect make up. 

4.) Always carry a great bag. If you can't afford designer clothing, just make sure your bag is great. This is one area that I recommend splurging on. Oh, and splurge on a great coat this winter as well. I've heard that the coat is the new bag. (Meaning that this year owning the right coat may be even more important than owning the right bag)

5.) Wear oversized pearl earrings and/or Tiffany silver or gold ball earrings. They always work even when you are just pulling your hair back into a pony and putting on a baseball cap on your day off.

6.) Paint your nails and keep nails groomed and fairly short in length. Think of your nails as being an accessory. Don't leave them out!

What other ideas do you have in order to look expensive? I'd love to know!

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