November 8, 2013

The Best Concealer In The World!

Sephora is my favorite place to shop for make-up and beauty supplies. They are always so helpful and genuine AND they give me free samples of basically anything I want! I recently have become obsessed with this eye brightener by Bare Minerals. I call it my Wonder Woman concealer because I feel as though I can perform all of my Wonder Woman duties and still look like I am refreshed and ready to go! 

What I like about it:

1.) It is the perfect color. I purchased Luminous 2 for my light skin color. You may need a different shade so I recommend going into Sephora and asking them for a couple of samples. 

2.) It is smoooooooth AND it doesn't settle into any of my smile lines. (FYI: I never call them wrinkles)

3.) The applicator is a little soft sponge, NOT a little brush that can get all messy.

4.) You don't need much. Just make five small dots under they eye and blend with your favorite foundation. (I put a little foundation on first and then blend this eye brightener over it)

Have you tried Bare Minerals Stroke of Light? If so, what did you think?

{Photo via Project Eve}

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