November 18, 2013

What To Wear To What Type Of Holiday Party

{From left to right: Patty is wearing an office to after work holiday party look, Amy is wearing a holiday hostess look,  Laura (me) is wearing a holiday cocktail party look and Melissa is wearing an ice skating holiday party look. All looks in the above photo are available at TALBOTS}

Recently my colleagues and I put together some outfits that you may be interested in learning about so that you can look great at all your holiday events this season. 

I know that all of you are so busy during the holidays. And not all of you will be celebrating the same way. Some of you will be going to an office party right after work. Some of you will be hosting your own holiday party at your home. Some of you will be going to a holiday cocktail style party and some may be going to a casual tree decorating party or an ice skating party. Fun!! 

Here are some tips for looking appropriate for each type of holiday party you may be attending:

Office To After Work Holiday Party
Office To After Work Holiday Party


1. You will want to look appropriate for the office during the day so a blazer will be necessary. 

2. Trousers or a skirt is acceptable, but make sure that your skirt is no shorter than 2 inches above the knee. 

3. Maybe you bring your favorite dazzling heels and change into those after work for the party.

4. Bring a little eyeliner, blush and a darker/brighter lipstick to freshen up and apply after your work day.

5. Don't forget your little clutch for evening. You won't want to be carrying your big tote bag around at the party!

Hosting Your Own Home Holiday Party
Host Your Own Holiday Party

1. You will want to be comfortable so pants would be my choice

2. Make sure that your top is easy to move around in because chances are you will be doing the serving.

3. Comfortable shoes will be necessary. An open toe will be appropriate since you won't be going out in the cold. Just make sure to get a pedi!

4. Wear your hair pulled back especially if you will be cooking and serving. 

5. Just because you are at home doesn't mean you can't sparkle. This is the perfect opportunity to pull out that dazzling statement necklace!

Holiday Cocktail Party
Holiday Cocktail Party

1. A dress is the best for a cocktail party

2. Your dress can be a little shorter than what you normally would wear if it is appropriate for your body type. I always say that no matter what your height, a skirt worn just at the middle of the knee cap is a flattering length for all. 

3. Hair can be worn up or down just as long as it looks special. Make an appointment with your stylist to find out what do will work best for you!

4. Now is your time to SHINE! Wear your most sparkly jewels. If you choose chandelier earrings then skip the necklace and go with a bracelet and/or cocktail ring instead. Prefer a sparkly statement necklace? Then choose small cubic zirconia earrings. (real diamonds work too!)

5. Carry a clutch

Casual Tree Decorating or Ice Skating Holiday Party
Casual Ice Skating Holiday Party


1. Jeans or corduroys are appropriate, but if you are going to be outside in a cold climate consider layering Cuddl Duds under your clothes.

2. Instead of sparkly jewels wear a bright and cheerful scarf

3. A quilted vest may be just the right layering piece so that you don't get so hot if you are being active, i.e. iceskating.

4. Wear a cute pair of boots that are water resistant. 

5. You lose the most heat out of your head, so a cute wool hat is a necessary accessory!

Happy Holidays!

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