December 3, 2013

Do You Really Need It?

{Would a black turtleneck seem like an exciting purchase if you didn't see this cute photo of Audrey Hepburn wearing one? Probably not. But since she makes it look so appealing, you are considering buying one or replacing the one you have, aren't you.}

A lot of ladies love to shop. The whole shopping experience is something they crave. There is just something about the way it looks in the store. It looks so good the way it's on display and positioned just perfectly next to that other item that it could be worn with. (so you buy that too) It may be the atmosphere that you love. The music, the smell, the lighting. It also could be the customer service that you love. Feeling like you are part of something that is so glamorous and fashionable. 

BUT, when you get the item(s) home, does it look the same? Does it make you feel as great? That's why you must be careful out there! Do you really need it? That is something I ask myself a lot when shopping. Of course I don't need anything except for food, shelter and warmth. So I change that question into, would this item work for my lifestyle? Would this item work well with several pieces I already have in my wardrobe? If I answer yes to those questions, I then will consider trying it on and perhaps, purchasing.

It's easy to end up with too much clutter in our lives. Those clever marketing/merchandising geniuses are hoping that you do! I am writing this article because I am one of those people who struggle with this. I appreciate beautiful things and want them in my life when I see them. But since I have actually become one of those marketing/merchandising minds, I now understand the thought process that goes on behind the scene. When I see that something isn't selling, I move it. I may put it next to something different that enhances it more so that you notice it and hopefully want it. Visual merchandising is a passion of mine. I love it that people want it or discover it because of the way I made it look. However, I am also a stylist and I know that I have seen many wardrobes with way to much "stuff" and then she is so confused on how to wear it or why she even bought it in the first place! 

My advice to you is to appreciate everything when you walk into a store. Take it all in. Enjoy the therapy it gives you. Listen to the stylists who are there to help you look pretty. Try on what you love and what might work back in to your wardrobe. You should even consider bringing a few pieces from your own wardrobe with you when you go shopping to match up to a few different things. That way, when someone tries to help you, they consider what you need for your wardrobe instead of just showing you everything. Also, don't be afraid to just browse. Sometimes, all you need is a little inspiration. 

Or do you really need a whole new wardrobe? 

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