December 18, 2013

Who Doesn't Need a Pair of Hot Pink Shoes?

{Pink suede Ciara Pump by Me Too}
Much to your surprise (and mine), my wardrobe was lacking a pair of hot pink shoes. If you find yourself asking, "What goes with hot pink shoes?" then I will give you the answer. Everything neutral. Black, white, gray, navy, brown and camel. If you are one who finds yourself wearing these neutrals all too often, then a pair of hot pink shoes is a no brainer. I found these little lovelies at DSW. They were actually mostly comfortable for just about my whole 9 hour day! Of course I wore my boots into work and when I went out on my lunch break. I wouldn't want to ruin that pretty pink suede in the sloppy mess that is currently going on outside in my Maine environment. 

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