January 21, 2014

Polka Dots Done Double Time

This week has been a little bit challenging to dress for. We are supposed to be doing a store set at work, but we are playing it by ear as far as when it is going to be placed due to shipment schedules. So, therefore I must be prepared to do whatever, whenever at the drop of a hat. You might be thinking about how frustrated I must be. However I am totally cool with the unexpected. I love a challenge. 

Today I kept my cool with a casual polka dot look. I paired a tiny polka dot print blouse with a bigger polka dot print cardi. And I have to say,  I feel like it worked. What do you think?

My colleague Melissa and I were on the same page today. While I paired a small polka dot print blouse with a large polka dot print cardi, she pulled off a small stripe cardi with a larger stripe blouse! And no, we did not plan this! Great minds really do think alike!

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