February 16, 2014

What Are Your Wardrobe Workhorses?

There are some garments that work really hard in your wardrobe. I call them the wardrobe workhorses. You pull them out of your closet almost daily and you cry when they rip or tear and you immediately need to go out and get a replacement because the world as we know it just might end without those items that you reach for day-to-day. I think that everyone has different wardrobe workhorses based on their style and their life. Below I have listed mine. 

1. A great fitting pair of jeans
{photo via Pinterest}

2. A denim jacket that fits and flatters
{photo via Madwell}

3. A pair of black trousers that flow straight down from the hips to the top of my shoe
{photo via this is glamorous}

4. A pair of black kitten heels that you can wear with anything and everything

5. Navy blazer with gold buttons
{photo via oilnanoolamoda}

6. A trench coat that goes with absolutely everything
{photo via wit + delight}

7. A pair of leggings that look and feel good enough to wear out doing errands

8. A denim blouse
{photo via Pauline Darley}

9. A boyfriend cardigan. (one that you can belt if you want to)
{photo via Pinterest}

10. A pair of chic sneakers
{photo via Ivsmanifiesto}

Are your wardrobe workhorses the same as mine? I'd love to know the what's and why's behind your closet door. 


Marsha Banks said...

I love all of your choices! I would add a great white blouse and a statement necklace along with a great pair of earrings like my John Hardy Naga mixed metal pair!

Laura Lynn Michaud said...

Love it Marsha! I actually thought a lot about adding a white shirt to my personal list of my wardrobe workhorses. But I decided not to. As much as I feel that you must have at least three white blouses in your wardrobe because you never know when one might be dirty, I didn't add it to my list because to be honest, I don't actually reach for my white blouses as often as I reach for my denim shirt and the other items on my list of 10 wardrobe workhorses. I wanted to keep the list at 10 items and I wanted to be really honest with myself as in: what do I actually reach for all the time in my wardrobe? I believe that this list will be different for every woman based on her personality and lifestyle. I wear a lot of dressy skirts and I feel that I offset their dressiness more often with a denim shirt. It's just how I dress :)