March 21, 2014

My Very Own Custom Made PIOL Dress!

I first came across the PIOL website after reading about it on the famous Olivia Palermo's fashion blog. Yes. The fashion maven from the reality TV series, The City, which was broadcast in the recent past on MTV. I'm pretty sure it doesn't air anymore. But when it did, it was about the only thing on MTV that held my interest. 

I was fascinated when I clicked on the link to the PIOL website and found that I could design my own dress! I had been obsessing over finding the perfect little black a-line sheath dress for a long period of time and have never been able to come across one. Now isn't that strange! Such a Simple Simon style of a dress and none to be found! At least in my neck of the woods. (The city of Bangor in the sate of Maine to be exact) But now I had discovered that I could design my own dress on the PIOL website! Very, very cool. So I signed up in order to design my perfect style. You can pick your color, your sleeve length, your hemline, the overall style of the dress and the the fabric. Then you give them your exact measurements and they make you a fantastic custom made dress with impeccable tailoring in NYC and then they send it right to your doorstep! IMPRESSIVE! 

 Sweet packaging

What a cute little tape measure!

The perfect little black sheath dress custom made just for me! I will wear this dress for years to come!

 This dress is beautiful inside and out. Below you will see a picture of the wrong side of the dress. It almost looks like it could be reversible!