March 31, 2014

Your Shoe Trend Forecast for Spring/Summer 2014

 The sandals pictured above by Miz Mooz are the ones I am obsessing over for spring/summer. They are not completely flat as you can see. I need the tiny wedge for comfort. To learn more about this shoe click here >>

We seem to all feel super sexy in heels. They make our legs look longer and leaner, giving us an elegant looking line. However, I am seeing shoe fashion take a turn. We are seeing more and more flats in fashion right now, particularly in sandals for spring and summer. They look so new and modern. Now, if you can't do completely flat like myself, I suggest going with a small delicate wedge. Give the platforms a rest. They look dated right now. I'm sure they will make their way back into our shoe closets eventually, but for now, take it down a notch. Your feet will thank you for giving them a rest!

Now, don't get me wrong. Heels are still in style and I truly believe that they always will be. However there are different variations in heels in case you didn't know. This season the chunky heel should be stored away and you might want to opt for a more delicate style heel such as the kitten heel which is usually no more than 2 inches high. We are also seeing heels with ankle straps which as we all know, don't work for everyone depending on the size of your ankle and if you want to highlight that area. We all have our favorite body parts! Your ankles may or may not be one of them.

Ballet flats are also a classic, but for now, we are moving to a flat with a slingback. flat. We are also seeing oxfords and loafers as two popular options this season.

Below you will see some examples of some of the shoe styles described above. Click the link below each photo to learn more about each style!

Happy Spring and Happy Feet!

To learn more about this shoe click here>>
To learn more about this shoe click here>>

To learn more about this shoe click here>>

To learn more about this shoe click here>>>

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