April 9, 2014

How To Travel In Style

Whether you are taking a vacation or traveling for business, there is a way to travel in style. And trust me, it doesn't include track suits, but you will be just as comfy. 

Here are my travel in style tips:
 Going to a warm climate? Try an ultra comfy dress like this M.Rena dress from Shop Adorn. Layer on a denim jacket and some lightweight lace tights that you can strip off as you hit the landing strip at your destination. 

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{Photo via Vogue.com}
Wear a light weight trench coat that you can throw on over your shoulders if you get chilly. Traveling with a trench coat means you are prepared no matter what the weather may be at your destination. Just make sure the trench you choose doesn't have too many buckles or ties. The last thing you want to be doing is fiddling with your clothes when you are in a hurry to catch your next flight!

Pictured below are a few more fantastic and fashionable pieces to travel in. 

Travel In Style


Tote all your belongings in a fabulous bag that holds everything. This one by Lauren Merkin is one of my absolute favorites! 

The key to traveling in style is to think SIMPLICITY.
You may have to sacrifice some "stuff" in order to do this. Believe me, you will survive!