July 4, 2014

How To Keep Your Independence Day Look Classy

When we dress in a theme it can tend to look tacky. But we all want to celebrate and show our love for our country on Independence Day by wearing red, white and blue! So, how do you stay classy? Below are some Fourth of July style tips for you.

Keep it casual and cool. What I love about this look and all the looks in this blog post is the fact that you could wear all of these looks any day. It doesn't have to be only on July 4th. Notice that we left out tacky red white and blue manicures. But hey, if you got one, then good for you.
I won't hold it against you................this time ;)
{This absolutely lovely dress can be found at Modcloth, one of my favorite online boutiques. It is not only classy, it is also sexy without being tacky and trashy.}

{I love this look in the photo above. It says I love my country, but I don't need to get all crazy about it. Just lengthen the skirt hem a tad and it would be a perfect for me and perhaps for you.}

{photo via Paperblog}
If you are lucky enough to be able to attend a classy cocktail party on Independence Day, then I suggest white pearls, a navy dress, red lips & nails. Perfection.

This is what I wore to show my love for my country. God bless the USA!

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