July 11, 2014

Must You Be Tan To Be Fashionable?

{photo via Mr. Newton}
Let's face it ladies. We all want to be tan and I know the reason why. It is a proven fact that when you are tan you appear at least ten pounds lighter. Why is that, you ask? It is totally an optical illusion. A tan makes things look more even, more streamlined and it covers imperfections. Trust me, just because you are tan you really are NOT actually any healthier or skinnier than what you are. Did you hear some of those key words I just said? LOOK. APPEAR. COVERS. Those are words that mean that things aren't actually what they are. 

What is actually happening when you tan is that you are damaging everything your body already has going for it. But, you know that already right? I'm sure that even if you live under a rock, you have heard somewhere in the headlines that the sun causes skin cancer.

If you must be tan, there are alternatives. Getting spray tans and layering on tanning creams are some things that my lady friends do in order to look tan. I occasionally use a self tanning lotion, but I have yet to find one that doesn't stain my clothes even just a little bit. Putting these lotions on are such a hassle. Plus they all seem to stink. I have to say the one thing I love for making me look not tan, but just a little more easy on the eyes (at least my own eyes), is Sally Hansen's Airbrush Legs Lotion. It blends really well, makes my legs look prettier when I wear shorts and skirts and it actually doesn't come off on anything! You need soap and water to get this stuff off. I love it!

 We want to look fabulous, but does being tan have anything to do with looking fabulous? Well, some may say yes. But since it's such a hassle to be tan, I say no. 

So, now we know why we like to look tan. To appear leaner. But we know that spray tans are such a hassle PLUS they cost money. So why don't we do something that actually makes us leaner? Such as eating right and exercise? Hey, it's just a thought. I guarantee that if you do both of those things you won't only appear leaner in a bathing suit, you will BE leaner in your bathing suit and your birthday suit. Or, whatever suit you put on.......

So, the answer to my question remains. Must you be tan to be fashionable? I say NO WAY. Let's start a movement. The Un-Tan Movement, where we embrace the skin color that God gave us. Take care of that skin that you are in. Exercise, eat right and dress yourself in that impeccable style that you have. 

{photo via Poor Little It Girl}

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