August 11, 2014

Laura's Style August Inspiration

August Inspiration Board
{Laura's Style August Inspiration Board}

August sometimes gets a bad rep. We tend to see it as a month where summer fun is coming to an end. In that case I say live it up and make the most of the heat while it lasts! August is a fantastic month to take a vacation. Drag it on as long as you can!

Below are few things that remind us of Summer. Some of these things totally take us back to our childhood. Such as the friendship necklace and bracelets that we used to give to our besties, the ice cream shop we used to work at and the bike with the basket in front that we used to cruise around on. You get the idea. What's old doesn't have to fade. We say, what's old is new again!

Oh, and we promise to not mention a thing about the f word (fall) until September rolls around. Let's live for now and save the future for just that!

Celebrate SUMMER with me!


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