August 18, 2014

Less In The Closet Means More To Wear!

{photo via Arnold's Walk-In Closet}

You know what people say. Less is more! Well, how can that be? Especially when it comes to your closet. 

I turned forty last month and let me tell you, I feel fantastic. I mean, I feel the same. I think. Well, maybe a bit more accomplished than I was at the age of twenty. But I still don't feel like I am where I want to be in my life. Will I ever feel that? I guess I'll just keep living and find out!

So what does any of the above paragraph have to do with the closet? Well as you know, this is a fashion blog and I am a stylist.

And now that I have lived it, I feel that I can give you the type of fashion advice that I am about to write. 

When you are in your twenties you begin seeing a faint light of who you are and what you put into your wardrobe reflects that. You feel proud of your wardrobe choices. Mini skirts, cutesy lacy stuff, skinny pants, cropped jackets etc. You now proudly own the trendy wardrobe of a twenty something! As life goes on, you accumulate more. 

Your thirtieth birthday comes around and you still feel like you did when you were in your twenties. Your style has pretty much stayed the same as well as your size.

Now here comes the kicker. Are you sure you are ready for this one? 

You blinked, and now you are all of a sudden a forty year old woman.  And trust me, it sneaks up on you just as fast as that statement did. There are a lot of pluses about getting older for sure. But it does take some getting used to. Especially the part where now you feel kind of silly wearing the clothes that you wore in your twenties. Not only because your style is changing but also because it no longer fits like it used to. I am not sure if your style changes before the fit does or vice versa. Actually I am thinking the two sort of go hand in hand. When you realize that your clothes no longer fit like they used to is when you think about what your true style may be.

This is called EVOLVING. And it is human nature. 

Some of the clothing you collected in your thirties are still wearable, but it all really needs to be gone through with a fine tooth comb. I like the saying that if you wouldn't buy it today at the store, get it out of your closet. 

{photo via Buzz Feed Life}

Today I have decided to accept and embrace the fact that I am forty and I am ready to completely gut out my wardrobe. 

I actually got rid of three big lawn style garbage bags full of clothing, handbags and shoes. It was not easy to do. Just thinking about the money spent and the memories behind each piece really kinda tore me up inside. But it had to be done. Now I have a closet full of things I will actually wear.

When you have less in your closet, you actually have more to wear. Your brain isn't cluttered with all those items from your past. You don't grab those items any more thinking that they still look good on you or that they are still your style.

I plan on keeping my closet clean and really thinking about what I add to my wardrobe in the future. I will purge as I put something in it's place. That is my promise to myself. Do you dare to join me in doing the same?

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