August 31, 2014

Manly Monday Q & A

On Friday we introduced you to Terry, the most stylish IT guy we know here at Laura's Style. Terry has agreed to partner with us every Manly Monday to answer any manly style questions you may have.

Today's Many Monday question comes from Shawn in the lovely state of Maine.

Q: Should you tuck in a polo shirt or should you leave it untucked?

A: Terry says, "Personally, I think the polo shirt can be worn either tucked in or untucked. The tucked in shirt is dressier and slightly more professional (think casual Fridays at the office), whereas the untucked shirt is for more casual looks (drinks with the office after 5). There are also polo shirts with longer tails in the back, which are meant to be worn tucked in.
The tucked in version
{photo via Pinterest}

The untucked version
{photo via Lookastic}

Personally here at Laura's Style, we are coveting the half tucked look for men. But that is just one woman's opinion.
{Photo via: SUITSUPPLY}

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