August 20, 2014

Maxi Dresses. Do They Make Sense For Summer?

It's HOT outside. So why do women choose a trend like maxi dresses to wear in this mid summer heat? That is what our favorite street fashion photographer Bill Cunningham is asking. 

Little does Bill know, maxi dresses are actually cool. They may skim the pavement, but they are loose fitting and flowy so they let air in and keep it moving. The other thing that we love about maxi dresses is that they cover a multitude of sins. I know that I don't really dislike my legs but they really are not all that tan, so if I can hide them vs going through the whole process of putting on my Sally Hansen airbrush legs tanning lotion, I'm gonna hide them. At least for one day. A girl needs a break once in a while.
Below are a few of our favorite maxi dresses of the season:

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