August 13, 2014

Modern & Easy Scarf Ties!

The European tie. I left my ends out just to be different unlike the girl in the video below. Why the serious expression you ask? I don't know. It's just me today :)

We love scarves at Laura's Style and we know you do too. So why don't we wear them? Some people tell us that scarves are too difficult to wear. We are here to tell you that they don't have to be! Just get that perfectionist voice out of your head and free your mind! Watch this video for a few cool new scarf tying techniques. Try them for yourself and see how easy they are. These scarf ties were designed for the modern day woman. None of us have a ton of time to just stand in front of the mirror and style ourselves. If we have an hour to ourselves in the morning, we are lucky! These scarf ties take all of maybe one minute to achieve. Thank goodness, because thats about all the time that we have!

Below you will find some of our favorite scarves to play with:

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