August 28, 2014

Wearing Vintage Is Not A Trend. It's a Way Of Thinking.

Some may say that wearing something vintage is considered "trendy." Some people may think that fashionista's call something vintage in order to feel trendy. So, what does vintage really mean?

Vintage simply means the date or decade that something was made. In the above photo I am wearing a vintage top from circa 1980. My love for vintage is difficult to explain because it involves a ton of feelings. When I am wearing this heart print flutter sleeve blouse all I can think about is how super cool and totally awesome my sister looked when she wore it. Her nails were long and perfectly painted. (And she did them by herself before people got lazy and nail salons became all the rage. Not that I don't appreciate a good relaxing mani and pedi preformed by someone else on me from time to time. My lack funds just keep me doing mine myself, at least most of the time.) Her hair was feathered and her make up was done to perfection. She was everything I had hoped to become! Later in life she handed her heart print flutter sleeve top down to me. I can only dream about looking as cool in it as she did!

Wearing vintage also helps me be brave. I know damn well that no one wears stuff like this anymore. At least not in my neck of the small woods. So when I wear it, I feel different and I don't even care. I guess it's my way of being a rebel. 

Sometimes people think that when they wear something vintage, they are trying to relive the past. And for some reason they think that is wrong. It's not wrong to want to relive the past. You just might want to try and wear it differently than you wore it back then. That is why there is a bit of an art to wearing vintage. 

When you decided to be brave enough to wear that vintage jump suit, those vintage Jordache jeans, or that vintage cashmere sweater with the slight dolman sleeves and shoulder pads, just try to make it look a little bit modern. You can achieve this through the way you style your hair and make up. Do short unpainted nails instead of long red nails. Wear your hair straight and sleek instead of fluffy and feathered. Wear kitten heels instead of platforms. 
Get it?

Do you own anything that you would consider vintage? Do you wear it? 

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