September 17, 2014

Do Leggings Work For Everyone?

Good question depending on what you expect leggings to do for you.
I seriously have mixed emotions about leggings. 

I believe every single woman looks best in a pair of straight (but not too straight) boot cut (but not cut too wide at the hem) pants tailored to fit her body type. Leggings can look great too. But leggings are certainly meant to be styled. Not just worn with your favorite sweatshirt. 

The lady in the photo above looks perfect in her leggings. Study that picture for a minute. Notice her leggings look fairly substantial. Not too thin of a fabric. Her top comes down well below her fanny. She looks like she could have short legs so her ankle boots come just at the right height to keep her leg looking long. The only debate I have is that her ankle boots could have been kept black so as to make her legs look even longer, but because the color of the boots work so well with the sweater and they don't come up too high on her ankle, I say it looks great! Her bag is just the right size for her curvy figure. I like the length of her necklace with this jersey. The fact that it is a single strand that kind of goes into a Y makes it visually more appealing than if it was just a regular long necklace. I love her bangs and her hair color with this look, although I would like to see her hair cut into a shoulder length bob.

So as you can see, when you wear leggings you must be styled in order for them to work. If you don't plan on styling them, then just do your workout then take them off!

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