September 2, 2014

Just When You Think Nail Art Is In, It's Out.

Nail art. It can be confusing. Personally here at Laura's Style, we still love it. But we have been told that wild nail art is beginning to fade fast. At least that is what the fashion world is deciding for us. 

Celebrity Manicurist Deborah Lippmann says that nail art isn't necessarily out, but it's starting to become a little more subtle. We were so happy to hear that since here at Laura's Style we were just kind of getting started on loving this trend! Here are some of the new more subtle nail art we are seeing for fall 2014. And now that it is officially September we can talk about fall, right?
{photo via}
{photo via Harper's Bazaar}
{photo via Harper's Bazaar}
{photo via Harper's Bazaar}
What do you think of nail art? Do you wear it?

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