September 8, 2014

Manly Monday Q & A

This weeks Manly Monday question comes from Evan in Colorado. He asks "Are pleated pants still "in" for men? Or should I choose no pleats for a dressed up look?"

Good question Evan. Scroll down a little and lets see what advice Terry, the most stylish IT guy we know, gives us about pleated vs. non pleated pants for men:
{photo via Fitted Suits For Men}

Terry: "Hmmm. Are pleated pants still "in" for men?"........

"Well, currently, pleated pants certainly are considered "out" and plain-front pants are definitely the rage. 


Plain-front pants have a more "modern" look to them, while pleats are seen as dated. However, I think pleated pants can look every bit as stylish (or in some cases even more so) as plain-front pants when worn right. By design, pleated pants are made to be worn higher on the waist, which can help elongate the body. Conversely, plain-front pants are worn lower, and can help someone taller look more proportional. Regardless, you want to make sure they fit you properly, as you don't want the pleats ballooning out, or the pockets of plain-front pants sticking out like ears. 

Ultimately, the choice is up to the person wearing them, and which ones they feel look best on them."

Thank you Terry for that bit of advice!

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