September 13, 2014

Manly Monday Q & A

This weeks Manly Monday question comes from Linda in Levant. She sees the men in her life struggling with this and we thought the men in your life might be struggling too. 

The question is:
"How do I know if my necktie matches my look? Is there a rhyme to the reason, or does any tie work?"

Good question Linda. Let's see what Terry the most fashionable IT guy we know has to say about this subject:

Terry says, "Ties are the perfect way for fellas to experiment with colors, patterns, even textures for those who aren't ready to do it full-on with other articles of clothing."

"The one person I immediately think of when I think about ties, is none other than Project Runway's Tim Gunn. He loves to mix and match ties, and play with different colors and patterns, even bow ties! Ties make great statement pieces, much like a statement necklace for women. Don't be afraid to experiment a little with them!"

Thank you Terry for the tie tips! 
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