September 3, 2014

No White After Labor Day? Nonsense.


I happened to think this about this topic last weekend when I pulled out my white jeans for some would say, the last time until the day after Memorial Day. I don't know why it irritates me so much when people go by this rule. I think a part of me is very upset to say that summer is over, so wearing white after Labor Day is the rebel in me coming out I suppose. 

At Laura's Style we believe that it is just fine to wear white after Labor Day. That is, if you want to. If you are uncomfortable doing it because you think people will judge you, then please get over it! You should know that as long as you wear white in heavier fabrics such as denim, wool and corduroy, it is totally acceptable. We don't want you to wear light weight whites such as cotton and linen because you will freeze your butt off in the cooler months ahead. But if you live in a lovely HOT tropical place, then don't hesitate to wear any white piece you've got no matter what the fabric is. Throw that white rule right out the door and notice how free you will feel as you proudly wear white this winter.

{Ralph Lauren Fall 2014 ad campaign. Photo via Glamour Boys Inc.}
If you don't believe me when I tell you that it is okay to wear white after labor day, then why don't you ask Mr. Ralph Lauren himself. I think he would agree with me.


Do you wear white after Labor Day? If not, why not?

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