September 11, 2014

Pantone's Favorite Colors For Fall 2014

Ever feel like when you go shopping that you either love everything you see OR you see absolutely nothing that grabs your attention? At Laura's Style, we believe that it all comes down to color. Colors can really set a mood, or a tone for who you are and what you love. Sometimes we just love a color for a specific reason. Maybe it reminds us of something we enjoy, but we just cannot wear it because it looks terrible against our skin and hair tone. (For me, it's pale ballet pink, because I LOVE ballet!) I really hate it when this happens!

Something I have been wondering these days is, who really chooses which colors will be on trend each season? So I did a little bit of research.

I learned that Pantone is THE the authority on color trends, but how do they come to the decision when there are so many colors and shades out there to choose from? I have always thought that Pantone picked the colors first, and then fashion designers use them in their latest collections each season. But the process actually happens in reverse.

In the fashion world, designers show their spring creations in the fall and their fall creations in the spring! So Pantone professionals go and analyze what they are seeing on the runways to represent the season ahead. For instance, Pantone knows what colors are going to be the HOT colors for spring 2015 right now, because the designers have shown off their works of art for spring 2015 already. In fact today is the last day of Fashion Week in NYC! I didn't make it there again this year. Maybe next year will be my year.

Pantone not only uses the fashion industry to decide on their latest color trend report. They also use the "entertainment industry and films that are in production, traveling art collections, hot new artists, popular travel destinations, and other socio-economic conditions," says a press release as of late.

Pantone does a fabulous job when choosing the color trend for each season. You personally may not be attracted to some of the colors and many of the colors may look terrible on you, but notice how they always include at least one color you can wear? How brilliant! And as for those colors you cannot wear, try decorating a room with those. I am positive that you will find a version of all those colors at your favorite home improvement store!

Which colors from Pantone's fall 2014 trend report will you be wearing?

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