September 18, 2014

Speaking at MOPs

I was privileged to be chosen to speak at a local MOPs meeting yesterday morning. In case you have never heard of MOPs, it actually stands for Mothers Of Preschoolers. It is a group of inspiring mothers of children from birth to kindergarten, who get together to meet, laugh, cry and embrace the journey of motherhood. 

I am a mother of a 17 year old son so it was great for me to gather with them and reminisce about the good old days when my son and I used to cuddle together and I was his idol. I think I need to start my own mothers group called MOTs. Mothers of Teenagers. I need all the support I can get in that area! 

While MOPs is known for sharing the adventures of motherhood, that's not all these ladies have in common. They all have thoughts and ideas to share and this is a place that they can gather and feel comfortable speaking them out loud. 

I was contacted by Farrah about a month ago to come and speak about my style services as well as my new unique online resale boutique called The Canny Canary. I accepted. After getting off the phone with Farrah I decided to google MOPs to learn a little more about this group. Below you will find the short You Tube video I found that completely moved me. I really encourage you to watch it. It actually brought tears to my eyes. This person she speaks about is so me. It's probably you too. I think it's in more of us than not.

So as you heard, she talks about that nudge that we need to live deeply and risk bravery. Speaking at this MOPS meeting was my nudge and I can't thank the ladies from this group for that enough.

This is the table and chair set up that I had my fashion "interview" in. I thought it was set up so nice with the water and all. I felt like I was on Oprah!
I love these posters on the wall above the room that the group sat in. Whenever I looked up at them I had a fantastic feeling wash over me. 

We all have something to give. I think we all tend to battle being ourselves from time to time because we don't think we fit in or think that we are smart enough. The fact is, that we are all smart enough and we are all good enough but the fact that we are human for some reason makes us doubt that. Maybe we were hurt in the past, or maybe you were made to feel unimportant because what you were talking about didn't matter to the person you were saying it to. It's really difficult to come back from that and realize that one person that effected you, isn't everybody. 
You have a gift and you must keep on giving. 
While these moms learned about fashion and styling today from a few of my tips, I learned to be myself, bravely.

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