September 12, 2014

The Eye Of The Tiger

Last week I modeled the zebra print. This week I am showing off the tiger print. I wouldn't say that I am obsessed with animals (I do think they are pretty neat though). I just simply enjoy wearing their patterns from time to time. 

As I sit here and type this, I am now trying to figure out what it is about animal prints that some people either love or hate.

Some people think that animal prints can look trashy. I think that is because some people who have a rebellious attitude in life wear animal prints in order to prove that they are as tough as a tiger, or as fierce as a leopard. Therefore, the way they choose to wear it appears a little bit rough and sometimes just waaaaayyy too much. And if that's you, then all righty. You own it girl!

Then there are those of us who simply like animal prints because we think they look rich, classy and pretty on other people. We wish we could wear them but we are afraid to look like that rebellious lady I just spoke about in the above paragraph. 

If you wish to wear animal prints but fear you might look too rebellious or trashy, then just follow my animal print wearing tips below and I promise you will always look classy:

1) Keep animal print dresses and skirts to the knee and never above. Cover just a little bit of the knee to keep it safe.

2) Wear an animal print accessory such as a belt, scarf or a pair of shoes. But never wear them together. One at a time is all you need.

3) Avoid wearing animal prints in colors that real animals aren't born with. (i.e. purple leopard, lime green zebra, etc.)

4) Make sure that your animal print isn't too big for your body type. Keep it kind of small and you can't go wrong.

5) Never, I repeat, NEVER wear any animal print from head to toe. But then again, everyone knows that ;)


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