January 26, 2015

Change Is Good!

{photo via babynameslog.com}
First you were born. You cried a lot and ate a lot and pooped a lot.

{photo via babynameslog.com}
Then you started to walk and talk. Then you got taller and stronger and began learning a lot.

{photo via alalosha.com}

 Then puberty hit. Lots of changes to your body began to take place and it was considered a normal process to becoming an adult. 

Lets fast forward to the age of 40, which is when I began seeing changes in my own womanly body. Everyone is different though. You might experience these changes in your 30's or maybe you are over 40 and nothing is happening yet. But at some point it will happen. A lot of women consider these changes to be a negative thing. And that realllllly irritates me. It is a normal process, just like going through puberty was, but somehow the changes that we experience at this advanced time in our lives are not as easily accepted. Yes, it's true that with these changes we experience some health issues, which is why we should be taking care of ourselves from the get go. And sometimes you can take care of yourself all you want and things still go haywire. I have heard of several women my age and even younger getting cancer. That really scares me. I sometimes wonder not only if I will get cancer, but when will I get cancer. But then I stop myself and I say, that is no way to live my life! Wondering is not good. Wondering means you are living in the future and we don't know what is in our future so therefore when we wonder about it, we get stressed out which is not a good way to take care of our body. Living in the past can also be stressful. Thinking about woulda, coulda, shoulda will get you nowhere really fast and it takes a toll on your body. Sometimes thinking about your past can make you turn to drugs or alcohol hoping to make things feel better in your life as you live it day to day. And we all know that those substances are not good for you.

As you know, Laura's Style is a fashion blog. So where am I going with this in regard to fashion? My point is, fashion is not just for the young, the rich or the famous. It is for everyone and it is an art. I meet so many women every day who are down on themselves because they are getting older. They say, "It's no fun getting older." I really hate that statement! They think they don't look good in anything and have a very difficult time finding clothing that works for them. They say, "When I was younger, I could wear anything and look great!" I say, if they change their attitude and show gratitude, they can do the same now but they might just have to embrace an extra curve, lump or bump somewhere. You may no longer be a size 2, but long as your mind is healthy then you will look amazing. Trust me.

So, how do you obtain a healthy mind?

1. Listen to your body. Don't eat it if it makes your belly feel gross.

2. Meditate in your moments throughout the day. I don't mean sit Indian style and close your eyes and huuummmmm. I simply mean, just go throughout your day and pause and think when things get rough. When someone is irritating you, just think of what it must be like to be that person and sort of forgive them. You never know what is up with people. They have a lot of stuff filling their brain and they might have a difficult time living in the present just like you did before you read this. Even when things are going well, you should stop and think and be grateful. That is meditation.

3. Never ever talk negative about your body! Your body is the only one you will ever have and it is amazing. Treat it like gold and put yourself first. Not in a snobby way. There is a fine line there. Think. Live in the present.

4. Exercise, but don't go nuts over it. Just go for a walk and bring your camera and take picture of nature and the world around us. You can learn a lot from just observing.

5. Be quiet. Don't talk all the time. Listen to people. When you feel the urge to interrupt someone, that means you are not listening to them. People who listen are smart. And smart people realize they have a lot to learn.

6. Embrace getting older. I actually like getting older and I feel sorry for young people. They have so much crap/drama filling up their minds stressing them out. I am so happy that I am past that. The less going on in your life, the more clearly you can think.

Below are some of my favorite photos from one of my favorite fashion blogs called
Advanced Style

As you can see these ladies (and gentlemen) are well over 40 years old and they are all living in the present and enjoying life!

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