January 27, 2015

Laura's Latest Discovery: Tiny Frock Shop!

I recently ran across the most incredible website and I just had to share! 

It's called Tiny Frock Shop where you can purchase everything you have ever dreamed of for your Barbie Dolls! Furniture, clothing, patterns to make the clothing and even Barbie Dolls themselves! If you know me, you know that I have been obsessed with Barbie's for most of my living life. I know I can't be alone out there. Please check out this website and enjoy! Share it with all your Barbie Doll obsessed friends. Trust me, they will go crazy over this! 

One of my favorite dolls I found on the site was this Coach Barbie Doll. You can find her by clicking HERE.

How cool is this vintage Barbie case? I think my sister had this one. 

You can purchase a variety of new and vintage Barbie clothes by clicking HERE!

You can even make your own Barbie clothes by purchasing the downloadable pattern on the site by clicking HERE.

Swatch packs that contain various designer fabrics are also available on the website so you can make your own Barbie clothes! So cool!

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