February 25, 2015

It starts with a suit................

I was so thrilled to find out that TALBOTS is now partnering with Dress For Success, a non profit organization that helps disadvantaged women get back into the workforce with confidence and style.
It may seem superficial to some, but how we look really does affect our spirit in this world. I am true believer in that. I feel good when I look nice. All it takes is a little make-up, a great hairstyle and an awesome outfit to give us the certainty that we are strong enough to make it through our day with poise and grace. 
There are women who are just as smart as the rest of us, but they do not have the money to get themselves up and running. We don't know what life has thrown at them, but we all know that life can be extremely rough sometimes. Frequently I wonder why I have been so lucky in my own life. 
All it takes is just a little help from someone like you or I to help a lady who wants to work but does not feel confident to do it on her own due to the fact that she cannot afford make-up, a good hair cut or professional clothing. She cannot afford internet to job hunt or to fill out applications. 
All TALBOTS stores will  be taking monetary donations now through March 22, 2015 and will begin taking nearly new wear-to-work clothing donations March 5-8.
Watch the Dress For Success video below to learn more:
And on March 7, 2015 all TALBOTS stores will be hosting a spring shopping party!

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