February 9, 2015

Model Monday

 I have a HUGE appreciation for models and I have decided to use every Monday for educating you on some of the best models on the planet. 

I have become just a tad annoyed with American Vogue for falling short of this. They seem to think that people in general want to see celebrities on the cover wearing designer clothes when in fact, we don't. If we want to see a celebrity we can pick up a copy of any other magazine on the newsstand and see plenty of them. VOGUE is fashion and MODELS wear fashion, period. Yes I am all about seeing "real people" wearing fashion too, that is why I love reading and admiring fashion blogs so much. But modeling is a fine art, not just a pretty face, and I think it can be under appreciated. So if Vogue is going to fall short in this area, I guess it's up to this little Bangor, Maine fashion blogger to educate you.


Nadja Auerman is a German model and actress that I began admiring when I first saw her in Vogue back in 1994. I adore her fair skin and freckles.

Nadja once held the record for being the model with the longest legs in the world. These photos are proof of that! 
She is amazingly graceful. 

 Holding one of her four children.

Nadja now. She just keeps getting prettier with age, as I believe we all do.

Below is a short documentary on Nadja. Not only is she an amazing model and actress, but you can tell she appreciates and loves her life!

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