February 22, 2015

Model Monday



It has been said that Trish Goff has the face of a porcelain doll.
I think we would all have to agree on that.

I first discovered Trish back in the early 90's when I was working at a trendy clothing retailer in my local mall called Canadians. Not many people remember that store. In fact I couldn't find any information on the internet either, so if you find something, please inform me! I absolutely loved that store. It was kind of like a Forever 21, only better quality. But remember, this was back in the early 90's. I believe that Canadians was happening before their time and they ended up filing chapter 11. But anyway, Trish Goff was all over our marketing for that store. I believe that we were carrying Calvin Klein at the time and she was modeling for the brand. I just thought she looked so different than any of the other models I was seeing at that time. There she was with her dark brown hair and big brown eyes and the other models seemed to be blonde and Barbie-like. (No offense Barbie;) Trish is a natural beauty from northern Florida. She dropped out of school at age fifteen after being discovered by a modeling scout. I love the part in the video at the very end where she says that after she is done with modeling, she wants to just study everything. And guess what? She did and she received her real estate license from New York University and now works as a broker for Douglas Elliman. Trish is now 38 and has probably had more life experiences than someone who was a straight A student graduating from Yale. Life is our true teacher and I am sure that Trish would agree with me on that.

Watch the video below and get to know Trish Goff:

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