February 21, 2015

Weekend Inspiration ~ Burberry Prorsum Spring/Summer London Fashion Show

The Spring/Summer 2015 collection from Burberry has tricked me. When I think of Burberry, I can't help think of the classic trench coat and the infamous Burberry plaid. 

English designer Christopher Bailey takes Burberry to a whole new level. He designs for Burberry Prorsum. In case you're wondering Prorsum is a Latin word meaning 'forwards'. So it's not the classic Burberry Brit you might be used to. 

I would have to guess that Mr. Bailey is a fan of the ballet since most of these looks he has designed for Burberry Prorsum involve tulle, bows, sparkle and fluff. 

I personally admire each and every one of these looks since lately it seems that designers have been staying away from all that fancy stuff and keeping it clean. In my book, too clean. I love all that girly stuff. The other feature that I noticed was the footwear. It's like she's been dancing all day and decided to put on her comfy shoes for the commute home. I can totally relate to that.

{Christopher Bailey, designer for Burberry Prorsum}

As you watch the show, notice and enjoy the beautiful vocals and acoustics by artist James Bay and get lost in the world of Burberry Prorsum.

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