February 14, 2015

Weekend Inspiration ~ Oscar de La Renta Spring/Summer 2015 Fashion Show

Oscar de la Renta taught us the true meaning of elegance. I am not entirely sure how a man knew how to dress a woman better than a woman, but Oscar de la Renta did. He made us look and feel as beautiful as we actually are and he did it better than any female designer I've ever known! I think that women sometimes tend to overthink things. I know that most women wear so many hats in their lives (not to be taken literally, or actually, that could be taken literally), that most of the time she doesn't even know who she actually is! I think we tend to loose our feminine side due to the business of every day life. But Oscar de la Renta reminds us of that.

We must continue to remember just how beautiful we really are.

Thank you Oscar de la Renta.
YOU will be remembered. 
July 1932 - October 2014

Here is your weekend inspiration!
Press play and enjoy the show.

Oh, and Happy Valentines Day! 

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