February 12, 2015

Wish Upon A Star Fish

Part of me was saying "Save the starfish earrings for summer." But I decided to listen to the other part of me that said "Since when do you do what is typically considered normal?" I guess doing little things like wearing starfish earrings in the winter makes me feel courageous. It's difficult to explain. It's not like I am Lady Gaga or anything. I don't go completely out of my way to get a rise out of people. I have just never really wanted to do exactly what everyone else is doing because when I do, I never really feel like me. 

And I kind of like being me. 

Today I wore totally 

Brrr. I dared to bare my toes today. Don't worry. I wore boots on the way in to work and changed into my peep toe ballet flats when I got there. 


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