March 25, 2015

Does your hair really define you.......?

Well, it shouldn't but most of us feel that it does. You hair is your best fashion accessory.  Isn't that what all hair stylists say? I believe that your hair and make-up are your best fashion accessories. But as far as our hair defining who we actually are? No. That's simply not true. We are way deeper than that. No one can see who we actually are because our soul is invisible. I think we tend to use fashion, hairstyles and make-up to portray the person we want to be. Well, let me rephrase that. We actually we tend to use fashion, hair and make-up to define a combination of who we want to be and who we actually are? Yes, I think I just hit the nail on the head.

{Taking one last look at my longish hair as I walk out the door to chop it all off. }

I was growing my hair out. But I hated most things about long hair. So why the hell was I growing it out? I am going to be truthful here. I was growing it out because most people have the image in their mind of long hair when they think of fashion & fashion stylists and most people feel that you only cut your hair when you are "old" or only when you have to because of medical reasons. Or at least that's what I feel that people think. I know not everyone thinks the same, but it seems that is the majority. Long hair is sexy. Short hair is one of two things: Cute, or for old people. Why is sexy better than cute people or old people? Think about that for a minute. When I gave it a thought, I said to myself, it isn't. So, I cut my hair.

{Me, before the cut}

{Me, during the cut and my sweet hair stylist Charlene who I actually LOVE spending the day with btw;)}

{My hair might not have been all that long, but I had a lot of it!}

{This is what took the longest. The foils.}
The foils took the longest because my hair was so dark. Charlene then had to tone my hair to soften the foils so they didn't look yellow. I have to admit, I was a little skeptical about the foils. I really didn't want to be striped or too blonde. That's why it's important to have a hairstylist you love, trust and can talk to openly. Charlene at Nourish is awesome. 

{Meet J.J. He kept me company for the afternoon. He is such a sweet and spry little guy!}

{The finale}
I was really happy with how my new short and chic hair style turned out. I don't miss any part of my longish hair at all. I don't miss the hair falling out in the shower, the mess on the bathroom floor, the dreadfully long drying time. None of it.

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