March 18, 2015

The Search for Higher Ground...........

Before you begin reading this, you should know that I almost didn't post it. I hesitate to tell you about my dreams for the future, because I am afraid of failure. What if I don't accomplish anything I say I want to accomplish? But then, I thought about it a little more. Why not just put it out there? Let people know what my goals and dreams are and maybe they will encourage me which in turn will set me up for success! And if you are indeed reading this, then you should know that I am so grateful for your support. And if I do not accomplish everything I say here exactly the way I explain it, then so what? I know that everything I do will eventually lead me to my dream. There is just something inside of me that won't let me stop trying. Do you have that something inside you too? I bet you do....

In case you haven't noticed, I have taken a little over a week off from blogging to regroup, rethink and figure out what it is that I really want to do in life. I am forty years old now and my true purpose is just beginning to dawn on me. So kids, if you have no idea what it is that you want to do or what your passion is, it's okay. Just as long as you know what you don't like, you will eventually be lead to your purpose. 

You may think it sounds corny, but I believe that we all are here for a reason and a purpose and you will not die until your purpose is fulfilled. Sorry to be sounding so deep. This is a fashion blog which is meant to be fun, but it is also meant to be inspiring and we all know that inspiration can take many forms. Today I wish to inspire you to think a little deeper and put all of your faith in something bigger than yourself. Something you can't necessarily touch or feel. Some people may call it God, but I don't want to sound all religious so I'd rather you call it what you want. I don't really call it anything. For me it's just a feeling that I can't describe, but I talk to it and it listens and it guides me.

So here on this very blog, I am going to tell you my dream. I have tried several things, but this is the one that I come back to every time.

I want to bring you a magical place where you can experience a little of the past, present and future. Right now it is small and it is only online. But someday you will be able to walk into it.
It's called The Canny Canary and it is a fashion haven for women who think a little more outside of the box.

Right now, The Canny Canary is carrying some beautiful unique vintage jewelry on it's website. You can visit it by clicking right HERE.

Why vintage jewelry? Because I believe that when you wear something old you are not only wearing something pretty, you are wearing a piece of history. You are actually wearing something that someone else wore when they were living their amazing life and going through their journey. We don't know anything about their journey, but you know that it was unique to them, just as every vintage piece is and will be unique to you.

Welcome to The Magical world of The Canny Canary.


You can always count on The Canny Canary for a few unique clothing pieces too. Some of these pieces will be new and some may be used and stated as such, but no matter what they are, they will be clean and pristine and ready-to-wear just for you. Some people may think that having new & used will cause confusion. I say it will draw in that unique customer that I am catering to. The lady who likes to experiment, try new (and old) things, mix and match her wardrobe, cultivate a wardrobe filled with art instead of just clothes.
The Canny Canary is not for everybody. But it is everything for some.

So, that is what I have been up to these days.
Just dreaming and brainstorming about The Canny Canary. Your unique go to boutique of the future that celebrates the past and the present. I truly don't mean for this post to be an advertisement. I am being totally sincere and I just wanted to fill you in with what is filling my head at the moment. I promise I will be back with more of my fashion tips and lovely looks next week! Look for my posts on this blog on Wednesdays. I will guide you over your hump every single week!

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